What is the Shipping / Estimated Delivery Time for My Order?

From the day we receive your order it takes around 3-7 days for your MY BEARD GROOMING KIT ™ to reach you (this includes 1-2 days order processing time and 3-5 days shipping time). Once your order is processed we'll email you a tracking number immediately. All orders are shipped from Canada.

Does the BEARD STRAIGHT COMB require Batteries? If Not, do I need to Charge before Using?

Your PORTABLE USB RECHARGEABLE BEARD STRAIGHT COMB ™ does NOT require batteries. Instead the Beard Straight Comb comes pre-installed with a powerful rechargeable battery.

We recommend you use USB charging cord to fully charge your PORTABLE USB RECHARGEABLE BEARD STRAIGHT COMB ™ before use. The red light will blink while unit is charging. The red will be solid red once the unit is done charging (blinking will stop).

Once fully charged the BEARD STRAIGHT COMB ™ will work up to 30 days (or 1 -15 minute session a day) before you need to re-charge the battery.

What shipping options do you offer?

***Please keep in mind: These are estimates and may vary depending on volume and location during Holiday Rush***

Flat rate for all our serviced countries below orders are free. DHL+USPS (2-3 days shipping time ) for US orders ($24.75)  We ship to the following countries: USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

*** NOTE: Upon placing an order, you will receive an email confirmation - please check your Shipping Address carefully. If you need to correct an address - we can do this within first 24 hours, so please communicate to us any changes right away! You can request the change of address by either replying to the order confirmation, sending us a message.

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